HELLENIKA Ltd Ships Repairs and Maintenance
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Location: Bulgaria
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HELLENIKA Ltd Ship - Repairs and Maintenance is a privately held company offering a wide range of technical services to the marine and offshore industries. Our competitive and cost effective solutions cover the whole range from emergency repairs  and dry-docking( Varna, Bulgaria) maintenance on worldwide basis. We can assist by supplying highly skilled and trained  workers including qualified mechanics, welders, fitters, professional painters, blasters, mechanical technicians, foreman operating all over the world. Our workers have all necessary documents, US  Visa, and sufficient experience on board of the ships or in ship yard. Our company is certified by Bureau Veritas and possess the following management systems ISO 9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007

We cover:

1.Riding Repirs teams

Mechanical – overhauling of A/E, M/E, pump, coolers, propulsions;

Electrical – Generators, recabling, rewiring;

Hydraulics – Cranes, hatch hydraulics, windlasses, pump systems, winches;

Steel repair and replacement – Bulkheads, deck plates, double bottoms, frames in cargo holds, hatch covers, tanks

Painters/Blasters  – Painting, sand blasting, UHP Blasting of main deck, engine room, ballast tank and re-coating (IRATA certificate)

New building projects -prefabrication and assembly of sections 



Floating Dock 1: 155 meter to 23.8 meter, lifting up to 10 000t

Floating Dock 2: 115.8 meter to 16 meter, lifting up to 2 200t

Slip ways 1, 2, 3: 130 to 16 meter.