Barge Mounted Power Plant of 250 MW capacity
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Location: India
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World's Largest working barge mounted 250 MW (ISO Condition) Combined cycle Power plant located in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.
* LM6000 PC sprint aero derivative gas turbine. Gas turbine Generator is open air-cooled, synchronous type and totally enclosed
* Fuel requirement : Natural Gas. (i.e. ~1 mmscmd)
* Total fresh water requirement : 1000 cu. m (approx) per day at full load
* The gas turbines, OTSGs, steam turbine and their auxiliaries are mounted on a single floating barge.
* Compact Barge of size 106 M x 55M x 6M having a 1.8 M to 5.6 M draft range .
* The barge mounted combined cycle power plant has ;
- 4 nos. 50.5 MW- LM6000 PC Sprint aero derivative gas turbines.
- 4 nos. Once Through Steam Generators.
- 1 no 53 MW rated output steam turbine and generator.
* Minimum onshore facilities with following major systems;
- Switch yard for Power Evacuation, 415V MCC for DM Plant etc.
- Fuel treatment and forwarding
* Water Treatment Plant and DM plant
* Fire Fighting System

For more details please contact Mr. Rajdeep Datta ( / +91-8336925974)