Marine Door / Hatch Cover
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Atlantiss Marines Systems offers a wide variety of quality Marine Doors that may come together with our specially designed control systems. With this comprehensive package, we can assure our customers from shipyards and even the ship owners themselves a partnership that would be built with trust and reliance. Select from our wide selection of Marine Door such as Dog Clip Watertight Door, Star Type Watertight Door available in 16m and standard size, ‘S’ Type Watertight Door available in 7.15m and standard size, Gear Type Watertight Door available in 20m and 50m, Star Type Double Leaf, Dog Clip and Link Type Weathertight / Watertight / Fire-Rated Door.

We assure a watertight doors that were specially manufactured to withstand a static water pressure without having any leakage to the inside of the ship for an extended time period because all of the water penetration parts and welded elements of this watertight door have able to pass various strict testing procedures. Weathertight doors on the other hand, were designed according to regulations with specific height, arrangement and welding requirements. This is to ensure that no water will leak to inside of the ship during worst sea condition with strong boarding waves or rain and spray that have carried away by the wind.

• Mild Steel or Aluminium door leaf with 6-12mm thickness
• Mild Steel or Aluminium Coaming with 6-12mm thickness
• Selectable from Angle Bar or Flat Bar Coaming Type
• Selectable from Forged Steel or SUS 2-8 Dog Clips
• With Finishing available in Sandblasted with Primer One Coat for Mild Steel material and Etching Primer for Aluminium material

Optional Accessories:
• Simple Scuttle
• View Panel
• Fire-Rated A0 Gasket
• Door Closer
• Lockset
• Hasp
• Hook & Eye

Along with our waterproof doors, we also offer marine grade windows, ladders, hatches and many more.