The Tank bottom angle valve
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The Tank bottom angle valve is a high performance industry valve which made by our company ,having characteristics of anti-abrasive,anti-high pressure and anti-scaling . The tank bottom angle valve is widely used in alumina ,coal chemical,steel ,metallurgy industry for discharging materials in the reaction kettle or reactor.

Valve features

1.Valve body design
The series of angle valve has Y type and angle type .According to the actual operating conditions,has pipe connecting and flat bottom type. We can design the valve according to customers demand.

2.Special plated
An anti-washing and anti- corrosion protection plate is set in the cavity of the valve body.At the moment of the valve opened,the plate can protect valve from washing and corrosion,and carry out chemical Ni/P plating treatment on the whole valve .

3.Sealing surface
The sealing adpots spherical seal ,the surface of which is line connecting. This can ensure the sealing realiability and avoid scarred .Moreover ,the valve belt has back sealing structure which can protect packing in full-open state.

4.Rotation-resistant device
A rotation-resistant device is set up to ensure that the valve stem only has straight line motions ,and no more revolving motions.

5.A variety of driving methord can be choose.

The driving manner of the valve include hand driving ,electric driving ,pneumatic and gear driving .